Words for Walking

stroll / saunter / mosey

To walk in a relaxed, leisurely way
  • She strolled along the beach at sunset.
Note: “Stroll” can be both a noun and a verb. So you can also say “We took a stroll through the park” or “Let’s go for a stroll.”


To walk with fast, long steps. “Stride” usually carries the idea of walking with energy and confidence
  • The speaker strode across the stage and took the microphone.


To walk back and forth, especially when nervous or bored
  • Barry paced the floor in the hospital waiting room, waiting for the doctor to bring news about his wife and the baby.


To go away from a group or from the correct path
  • While hiking in the mountains, they strayed off the trail and ended up getting lost for several hours.

stumble / trip

To miss a step when walking or running, and almost fall
  • My shoe got caught in a crack on the sidewalk, and I stumbled.
Note: “Trip” can describe the action of you falling, and in this case we can say “trip over” or “trip on” an object. “Trip” can also describe the action of the person or object that causes you to fall, and in this case we say “trip me,” trip him,” etc. For example:
  • tripped over the extension cord.
  • The other player tripped me as I was running after the ball.

stagger / totter

To walk unsteadily, looking like you’re going to fall down. “Stagger” has more of a sense of heaviness than “totter.”
  • The drunk man staggered across the bar.
  • The baby tottered and then fell down.


To travel or walk about with no fixed purpose or direction; wander. “Roam” often has a sense of being over long distances.
  • We roamed the streets of the city, looking for something interesting to do.


To walk heavily, tiredly, or loudly
  • I never go shopping with my wife – I can’t stand traipsing around the mall from store to store.


To walk at a consistent speed in rhythm with other people
  • The soldiers began marching at the general’s command.

strut / parade

To walk in a proud way, trying to show off and impress other people
  • She strutted around the office, showing everyone her expensive new handbag.


To walk sliding your feet along the ground.
  • I woke up at 4 A.M. and shuffled to the bathroom.

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