Use of I am in the English Language

Welcome to this latest lesson. In this lesson, I am going to discuss the usage of I am in the English Language.

Use of I am in the English Language Guruji English Classes Best YouTube Channel for Learning English

Use of I am in The English Language

This is a basic topic, however, you need to understand that Basic knowledge is the foundation of Great knowledge in the future. 
These are simple structures, you can understand and practice.
Please keep in mind that Speaking is the most important factor when you are trying to learn English.
Let’s start the lesson
For Example, I am Sunil
Here I is Subject, am is Verb and Sunil is Object. 
The basic Sentence Structure is Subj+verb+object. —- Keep it in mind
So, I am Sunil. 
Similarly, some other sentences
I am Sunil
You are Rahul
She is Gita.
He is Ankit.
They are Virat and Ashok.
We are Jay and Veeru.
Here, you can see that we have used am with I, is with He and She, and are with They and We.
So, we can simply understand that “am, is, and are” are forms and they mean the same thing.

The meaning of “am, is, and are”

The meaning of “am, is, and are” is simply something that exists in the world.

You know Be.

Be – something exists. something is there
“am, is and are” are the forms of BE.
So, kindly note that BE family has 4 forms
  1. Be
  2. Is
  3. Am
  4. Are
Now, Let’s Learn different structures of the same sentences we practised above.
I am Sunil
Am I Sunil?
You are Rahul.
Are you Rahul?
She is Gita.
Is she Gita?
He is Ankit.
Is he Ankit?
They are Virat and Ashok.
Are they Virat and Ashok?
We are Jay and Veeru.
Are we Jay and Veeru?
Read these sentences loud and fast. Actually, read this entire post loud and fast multiple times.
I did this exercise in 2006 when I was trying to take my language skills to the next level.
Wish You All The Best!
See you in the next lesson..
Sunil Chaudhary
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