New Day Conversation in College – TAMS Studies

  1. Where are you from?” I am from Aligarh which is situated in western Uttar Pradesh and well known for Aligarh Muslim University and Hardware & Locks industry.
  2. What high school did you attend?” I went to Cambridge Public School in South Delhi which was affiliated to Cambridge University, London and to CBSE also.
  3. What are you going to major in?” I am going to major in Economics as I understand it well and can do well in future.
  4. What are you majoring in?” I am going to major in Economics as I understand it well and can do well in future.
  5. What classes are you taking?” I am taking economics classes by Prof. Sachdeva. He is really good at explaining the things very easily. Just like Suniltams.
  6. What year are you?” I am in the first year.
  7. What is an easy class to take?” for me, all classes are easy as all the teachers are awesome here.
  8. Where is the best place to hang out?” You can always go to Naqvi Park near AMU and Centre Point also sounds good. GVM is the new destination these days.
  9. Are you in the dormitory?” Yes, I am in a hostel. How about you?
  10. Where do you live?” I live at Quarsi, Ramghat Road, near Wisdom Public School.
  11. Why did you decide to come to this school?” My father had a good image of this school in his mind. that’s why!
  12. What made you choose learn English?” English is almost mandatory these days and is always good to learn the beautiful language and you can also enjoy Movies, Songs etc.
I hope you guys will find these useful. Request you to use them in your daily life. You can modify these questions and answers as per the situation and can also contact me if you need any help.

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