Changing to Passive Voice – few tricks

We will not remove anything from the active sentences. Just change the places of Doer and the Done. Helping verbs will never be removed. Only their forms are changed accordingly and on their position only. Main verbs are always changed to third forms in passive sentences.

Above stated is easy.
One more thing is more easy. Just add a form of BE equivalent to the main verb in the Active Sentence to the passive sentences.
Example – 
He is eating food.
Now as per rules. Food and He will change places. Is will remain there. The only thing we have to do is to add the equal form of BE to be added for the main verb. The main verb in active sentence is Eating. Then the equal form of BE is BEING. Ok, add being.
Here you go
Food is being eaten by him.
more to come 
Keep following our BLOG…. Merry Christmas.

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