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Ability Disability. Malice Goodwill
Accept Reject, refuse. Master Servant
Acquit Convict. Natural Artifical
Barbarous Civilized. Noble Base, Ignoble
Barren Fertile. Normal Abnormal
Base Noble Obstinate Yielding
Callous Soft, tender Offensive Pleasing, defensive
Care Neglect Optional compulsory
Censure Praise, Applaud Part(n) Yielding.
Deep Shallow Part(v) Join.
Delight Despleasure, sorrow. Particular General.
Early Late Quick Slow, tardy.
Elevation Depression Raise Lower.
Emancipate Enslave Rash Steady, cautious.
Fabulous Actual, real. Rear Front
Failure Success. Sacred Unholy, profane.
Fickle Constant. Satisfaction Dissatisfaction
Gain Loss Scanty Plentiful.
Genuine False. Tedious Lively.
Gloomy Gay. Temperate Intemperate
Happiness Sorrow, sadness. Thankful Thankless
Help Hinder Ugly Beautiful
Honour Dishonour, shame. Union Disunion, discord, split.
Imperative Optional. Urban Rural
Increase Decrease. Vain Modest
Inhale Exhale Violent Gentle
Joyful Sad, depressed Virtue Vice
Junior Senior Wane Wax
Justice Injustice Want Abundance
Kind Cruel War Peace
Knowledge Ignorances Yield Resist
Lack Plenty Youth Age
Legal Illegal Zeal Indifference
Legible Illegible Zenith Nadir
Mad Sane    

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