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Understanding the Difference Between ‘Supposed to’ and ‘Suppose to’

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Introduction to the Common Confusion The English language is riddled with phrases and expressions that can easily lead to confusion, especially for non-native speakers. A prime example of such confusion is the frequent interchange of ‘supposed to’ and ‘suppose to.’ Despite their similar appearance, these expressions carry distinct meanings and are not interchangeable. Video ‘Supposed … Read more

20 Sentences to Practice Spoken English at the Library

Introduction to Practicing Spoken English at the Library The library stands as an ideal environment for practicing spoken English, offering a quiet and focused setting that is conducive to learning. Unlike other public places, libraries maintain an atmosphere of calm and concentration, which is essential for language learners aiming to improve their spoken English fluency. … Read more

Join the New Batch for Spoken English by Guruji Sunil Chaudhary: Starting August 1, 2024

Introduction to the Course Guruji Sunil Chaudhary is a distinguished educator known for his profound expertise in spoken English instruction. With decades of experience, Guruji has successfully mentored thousands of students, helping them enhance their English communication skills. The upcoming batch for the Spoken English course, beginning on August 1, 2024, offers a unique opportunity … Read more

The Importance of WH Words in Spoken English

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Introduction to WH Words WH words, also known as interrogative words, are an integral part of the English language, particularly in spoken communication. These words are typically used to ask questions, and they play a crucial role in gathering information and facilitating conversations. The term “WH words” derives from the fact that most of these … Read more